Here we present a list of cocktails with names corresponding to things magical, mystical and weird. These are taken from various sources each with their own descriptive styles, not to mention potential errors. We have done our best to reproduce them verbatim to allow you to make your own judgments about their interpretation. We take absolutely no responsibility for their use, abuse or any outcome thereof.

We are hoping to produce a comprehensive list for each of the zodiac signs, the planets, elements and any other correspondences we can think of. However, at this time many cocktails illude us. Therefore we are interested in hearing from you if you know of any cocktails that match any symbolism that we don't yet have. In fact if you have any suggestions at all (especially if it involves alcohol) then contact the Arch Tippler in the usual way. It doesn't matter if we have already covered the particular subject we want to list any and all variations so tell us what you know.

Here are the cetegories for the potions we have so far:

The Order
The Devil and His Works
Love Potions
Witches Cauldron
The Zodiac and Planets
Other Strange Brews

Correspondences for Magickal Workings