Officers of The Order

Any suggestions that this is an officer of The Order are entirely untrue

The Ancient and Inebriated Booze Bibbing Order of Bácchus is administered by a group of senior officers in various locations across the globe.

Grand Master

The current head of The Order is The Honorable 133rd Grand Master. He leads The Order from his hot tub, within reach of his beer cooler, located in a country somewhere on the mediteranaen coast.

Arch Tippler

The Arch Tipler is responsible for administering The Order, particularly the web site, Yahoo group and applications from new members. Enquiries to The Order should be addresses to the Arch Tippler via the contact form here. If you need to send an attachment the Arch Tippler will supply you with an email address for the purpose. The current Arch Tippler is located in England.

The High Imbiber

We have never been entirely sure just what the High Imbiber is for, but he has been known to call the occasional toast to Bacchus so that's okay. The current High Imbiber has not been seen for some months and his wereabouts are unknown.