The History of
The Ancient and Inebriated
Booze Bibbing Order of Bacchus

2000 BCE Salisbury Plain

Building commences of a temple of Bacchus, construction was by a group of semi religious tipplers, the Fluids. Planning permission was refused by Wiltshire Local Government Authority. The structure left unfinished. This was possibly the first appearance of The Order.


1898 BCE Dead Sea

Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed after one hell of a mulched grape ceremony. (To be taken with a pillar of salt.)


600 BCE Greece

Bacchanalian Ceremonies, otherwise known as Symposiums, became an institution of great social importance. Members of The Order gathered on these occasions to eat, drink wine and discuss the affairs of The Order.

534 BCE Athens

For the first time the Festival of Dionysus became an orgy of terrifying violence as groups of women were totally ecstatic on a cocktail of wine, dancing to frantic rhythms and songs to hail Bacchus.


186 BCE Rome

Bacchanalian orgies corrupted thousands. The Senate ordered a complete ban on the so-called depraved practices associated with Bacchanalian festivals. The first secret order was born.


120 BCE China

Zhang Qian (63rd Grand Master) introduced the Grape Vine to China. A great wall was built to support the vines.


55 BCE Britain

Julius Caesar (65th Grand Master) invaded Britain and introduced the Chianti bottle candle holder to the lodges of the British Isles.


29 AD Galilee

The 67th Grand Master, Jesus, turned water into wine with a guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied you could have your water back.


871 AD Wessex, England

Ethelred the Unsteady is overrun by the Danes while suffering from one hell of a hang over. It was at this point that The Order introduced lager into its ceremonies.


1066 Hastings, England

Duke William of Normandy, on a courtesy exchange visit from one of our continental lodges, offered the Saxon King Harold (105th Grand Master) a chalice of wine with the traditional Norman toast, "Here's mud in your eye". Unfortunately one of William's archers misheard him and forever changed the course of The Order's history.


1350 AD Italy

Work was completed on the now infamous Tower of Pisa. Four generations of builders had worked on the tower finally overseen by the Chief Surveyor (the 111th Grand Master). He denied that the somewhat peculiar angle of the tower could in any way be attributed to the enthusiastic membership of the local lodge.


1430 AD France

Joan of Arc (86th High Priestess) was captured by the Bergundians in an attempt to extort the secrets of The Order given to her by the voices. She was eventually ransomed to the English lodges for sixteen hogsheads of strong ale who promptly burned her for revealing the secrets.


1478 AD Tower of London, England

The Duke of Clarence, Brother to King Edward IV, died during a Bacchanalian ritual when he fell into a vat of sweet malmsey.


1523 AD Constantinople

Paracelsus (117th Grand Master), while travelling with the son of the Grand Cham of the Tartars, discovered the universal hangover cure.


1666 AD England

A careless mistake started a fire in the spirit store of the London Lodge just off of Pudding Lane. Tragically The Order's London Head Quarters was lost along with the contents of the spirit store.


1695 AD Essex

John Locke, philosopher (121st Grand Master), first introduces the word 'bibbing' into The Order's title.


1720 AD England

The South Sea Bubble burst leaving a trail of destruction causing the ruination of many of England's lodge members.


1789 AD France

Incited by the rise in wine prices a mob of irate members attacked and captured the Bastille on the 14th of July. The revolution swept the country and the National Assembly produced the declaration of the Rights of Man including subsidised wine.


1805 AD Trafalgar

Viscount Horatio Nelson, fatally wounded but having won the battle, is given the traditional embalming ceremony for members of the order.


1833 AD England

The Tolpuddle Martyrs formed a lodge to fight against the excessive price of ale.


1904 AD Cairo, Egypt

Aleister Crowley (130th Grand Master) receives The Order's Book of the Law where he states "Drink what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", later to become Toast With Your Favourite Tipple.


1933 AD America

The end of Prohibition. Pressure from WC Fields (131st Grand Master) and other influential members of The Order bring about the repeal of prohibition laws after having been refused a license for use of alcohol for ceremonial uses.


Records to the present day are withheld so as not to cause concern for any living members or their families.