New Members

This page shows the names of recently converted members and their lodge identity. This is not a definitive list of the membership as members predating this web site are not listed.

Member's Name
Don Pimlico, England

Bacchus Shrine
Brussels Atomium
Brussels bar

Rick Stevens Cody's Corner, Florida, USA No
Mike Dublin, Ireland Yes
Andy Hemel Hempstead, England Yes
Shiela Hemel Hempstead, England


Beverley The Teapot Man Rutland, England No
Silver Fox Crawley Inn, Crawley, Nr Witney, England Yes
Dave Swansea, Wales Thailand with elephants
Thailand with Kate
At the zoo
Sydney bridge
Rita Albany, Australia No
Martin Henderson Amsterdam, Netherlands No
Steve Tring, England Yes
Charlie Farnesbarnes Welsh Borders Yes
Dave New Zealand No
Cheri New Zealand No
David Madrid, Spain Yes


Leverstock Green Cricket Club Darts Team, England Brian

Graham Blackpool, England Long shot
Close up
Harry Hemel Hempstead, England A true believer at work
Donnie Seattle, Washington State, USA Dishonoured
Jack East London, South Africa No
Phil Hemel Hempsterad No
Leighton Buzzard, England


Dilip Amritsar, India No
Powerful Pierre Canada No
Jan Waldorf, Germany No
Frater Tabs Stevenage, England Yes
Glorified Jester Hemel Hempstead, England No
Alan Dalyan, Turkey Yes
Pat Dalyan, Turkey Yes
Annette Brussels Yes
Ferhat Marmaris, Turkey Yes
Mark Rutland, England No
Capricorn Moscow, Russia

Moscow Priestess
Adoration of Bacchus

Fatalit Moscow, Russia

Moscow Imbiber
Fatalit the Imbiber

Christopher Clausen (Master of the Lodge)
Rich England (Tippler)
Sandy Crawley (Imbiber)
Ray Javernick (Ale Sitter)
George Dosher
Bonnie Dosher
Anne Tobey
Sarasu Kundo
Cripple Creek, Colorado, USA Yes indeed!
Mr. Holiday Beers The National Hotel Bar, Nevada City, California No
Carl Delsie The National Hotel Bar, Nevada City, California No
Tomas Lönn
Ulf Fränneby
Rickard Bergh
Tony Grunditz
Lasse Borg
Peter Mickelsson
Kjell Lindahl
Johan Hagelin
Stockholm - The Fellowship of the Magic Flute Mr Lasse Borg with his favourite breakfast buffet
50% of the Fellowship in front of Ibrox stadium
Mykal V (Master of the Lodge)
Mike R (Imbiber)
Rafa C (Tippler)
Gonzo (Ale Sitter)
Tony V
Inventing Bacchus, Houston No
Chris Hemel Hempstead Contemplation
B.S.MacBrae Amarillo, Texas No
Harley D. Hammond House, Hammond, Indiana Yes
Bacchanalian Knight Anzac Avenue, Auckland Central, NewZealand No
Bacchanalian Knight Anzac Avenue, Auckland Central, NewZealand No
Drinkslayer Seattle, Washington State, USA No
Tim Tipton House Of The Rising Buns, Maryville Tn, USA No

We regret that we are unable to forward emails to members listed here. Remember all emails are deleted once you have been added to the list and no record is kept of email addresses. We promise we will not use your address for any purpose whatsoever. However, should you wish to communicate with other members you can do so by subscribing to our Yahoo Group on this link.