Roll of Dishonour



This is Don W. Davidsen, known to his friends as Donnie. He is one of our American cousins and while visiting England he stayed with the Arch Tippler. During his stay the Arch Tippler extended the normal hospitality usually expected by a member of The Order. The 133rd Grand Master gave him a T Shirt so that he could appear on The Order's web site and kept him in drinks as is his way. Throughout his stay with the Arch Tippler he was extended every generosity possible.

So how does this Donnie repay such generosity? He did a runner, pissing off owing over 125 Pounds Sterling (just under 200 US dollars) in rent and unpaid telephone bills. He told blatant lies about his intent to pay his commitments, and when the Arch Tippler phoned him to find out how he was doing, his response was that he was no liar or cheat. Needless to say he is now back in the USA having left no means to contact him.

Let it be known that Donnie W. Davidsen makes promises he does not keep. He lies about his intentions, cannot be trusted in financial transactions, and cheats his way through life. If you meet him, he is not to be trusted. He wears The Order's T Shirt as a fraud and does not live by the standards and principles of The Order.

The Order recommends that you do not have anything to do with him.