Magic & Booze related

The Cult of the Drunken Prophet
Cocktails for your sun sign - links to cocktails recommended for each of the twelve signs
Temple of Bacchus - Baalbek, Lebanon

Jack Barrow - Great comic magical fiction with lots of booze

Booze related - said to be the largest collection of quality cocktail recipies - classic cocktails and home bars made easy
The Cocktail Page - cocktail recipies, forum and more
The Webtender - drink recipies and bartendering guide
CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale in the UK
- the world famous Munich Beer Festival
Beer festival calendar
Google search for wine festivals
Google search for Alcoholics Anonymous worldwide.
- just in case!

modern drunkard magazine

Magic related

Magic Bronze Sculpture - limited edition, fine bronze sculpture, occult work a speciality.
The Philosopher's Stone - a web site with real magic written by experts in their field.
Occult E-Books - leading edge occult and alternative paradigm thinking in handy e-book format
Mandrake of Oxford
- Everything you ever wanted to know about the occult but were afraid to ask